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Years Of Experience

Who We Are

More than 20 years of experience

As I mentioned before, we began as mobile car detailers and we made an adjustment into the commercial cleaning and deep cleaning niche during the COVID pandemic.

We saw a need and an opportunity to further apply our skill and passion to create a new business and service for our local San Diego businesses, office spaces, and retail shops. We’ve even done a few private schools.



Why Choose Us

Friendly and professional services

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we definitely take cleaning as serious as a heart attack. We have the years of experience to know what to look for and we have great attention to detail.

We pride ourselves on recommendations from our previous customers. Heck, we may even detail your car after we dial in your office.

Vision & Mission

Our vision as a deep commercial cleaning service provider in San Diego is to transform every office from a ‘where-did-I-put-that-paper’ maze into a sparkling beacon of organization, one cubicle at a time. We dream of a world where coffee stains are folklore and dust bunnies are mythical creatures, spoken of only in hushed tones. In this utopia, San Diego’s businesses don’t just shine; they gleam with the pride of a thousand spotless keyboards.

Our mission as a deep commercial cleaning service in San Diego is to boldly go where no mop has gone before, tackling the unseen and unthought-of corners with gusto. We’re on a quest to turn every post-it note jungle into a sleek, clean desk-scape, proving that cleanliness isn’t just next to godliness, it’s also next to the coffee machine. In our crusade against grime and clutter, we arm ourselves with the mightiest of disinfectants and the fiercest of vacuums, making sure every office space is less ‘ew’ and more ‘wow’.

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We clean dirty offices and businesses

Professional Home and Office Cleaning Services

We handle tasks of all complexities, offer long-term guarantees, and continuously adopt new technologies.

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